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Services and Solutions

Energy Control Resources is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service. We can be an indispensable asset to your facility and bottom line with over 25 years of trade experience.

Featured Services and Solutions:


Energy Control Systems:  provide service, installation/design and modification of the Centurion Energy Mizer and 2100 IDDC systems.  Both of these intelligent building systems allow for energy savings by taking unnecessary costs out of heating, cooling and lighting before they occur while maintaining continuous comfort levels.


Honeywell Light Commercial Building Solutions:  provide service, installation and design in a giant step toward realizing your most vital goals: occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and simpler, more efficient building operations.


TCS/Basys:  provide service, installation and design for a reliable means of maintaining comfort with the use of Superstats and other networked controllers while striving to lower energy costs.


Occupancy Controlled Thermostats:  The system automatically tracks room occupancy while providing energy savings and recovers to the occupant’s setpoint with minutes upon return.  This allows substantial energy savings of your cooling costs with this simple thermostat retrofit if the space only has to be condition when occupied.


Energy Audits Services:  provide facility surveys and determine means of reducing utility costs through HVAC, lighting and water saving opportunities.


Vendingmiser, Coolermiser and Snackmiser:  These occupancy-based control units will save approximately 46% of the energy costs to run cold drink vending machines, snack machines, reach-in coolers or other plug loads as desired.  Payback is approximately one year!


Maximicer – Heat Exchanger for Ice Machines and Beverage Machines:  the system pre-cools the incoming water to an ice machine or a beverage dispenser by recovering the energy from the purged ice exiting the ice machine or dispenser.  Reducing the incoming water temperature directly lowers the load of the refrigeration system and improves performance.


Induction Lighting:  provides 100,000 Hours of Operation and instant restrike!!!  The induction lamp operates without an electrode.  An induction coil powered by an electronic unit produces a magnetic field in the lamp that ultimately produces light.  The induction lighting system offers huge savings in energy and maintenance costs over the life of the fixture.  The induction system is available in a variety of new fixtures, but can also be retrofitted to existing fixtures.


Daylight Harvesting:  this technology provides individual light fixtures near windows that are controlled by dimming ballasts and light sensors.


Occupancy Controlled Lighting Products:  Stairwell lighting fixtures and a complete line of lighting controls. 


LED Lighting:  LED lighting is available for almost every type of lamp or fixture and with there use they provide long life and reduced energy requirements.  Ideal applications are Exit signs.


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